I am an award-winning documentary filmmaker, known for character-driven emotive storytelling on sensitive and challenging topics. I love what I do and passionately believe in the power of film to inspire audiences and drive political and social change.

Having co-founded the award-winning performance and video collective Me and the Machine in 2009, I helped produce a succession of highly acclaimed works, gaining an international reputation as an innovator of cutting edge storytelling techniques. Championed and supported by the likes of The British Council, we pioneered the integration of performance with screen based media, including the now evermore popular medium of V.R. In 2016, I began an MA in Documentary Production at The University of West of England, graduating with a Distinction.

I work on all aspects of film production, including research, scriptwriting, self-shooting, directing and editing. I have gained a large amount of experience making films for charity organisations such as Housing Justice, The Cripplegate Foundation, Company 3, Claremont, The Parent House and Help On Your Doorstep. I have also made films for BBC Ideas, The Dartington Trust and individual commissioners such as artist, Andy Field, and shot and edited films for the acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Mark Kidel.

I am currently based between London and Bristol, U.K.